Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry for nervous patients

Many people suffer from a dental phobia and as a result avoid going to the Dentist. We believe Sedation Dentistry can help.

At Sawtry Dental, we offer patients IV Sedation (also known as Sleep dentistry).  This enables them to undergo complex dental treatments in just one sitting. IV Sedation or “sleep dentistry” may last between 1 to 4 hours, depending on your individual needs.

So What Happens During Your IV Sedation Appointment?

Before your treatment, an anaesthetic is applied to the forearm or the back of your hand. A sedative is administered into the vein. Unlike normal intramuscular injections, the administration of the IV is virtually painless.

During this time you will be in a deeply relaxed state and feel almost no pain at all. You will breath by yourself and thus is very safe. We have a consultant anaesthetist doing your sedation, who controls exactly how much sedation you will need. Our trained team is always with you. Your vital signs are monitored during your entire procedure. You are never alone.

When you ‘awake’ from the procedure you will feel refreshed and have no memory of the procedure or experiencing any pain. Best of all, you will probably only need one appointment to complete your treatment. So in just a few hours you can start enjoying the confidence that comes with a bright new smile and good dental health.

In your initial consultation, we will be happy to answer all of your questions about sedation dentistry. We will take you through every step of your procedure to ensure that you fully understand how IV Sedation is conducted and how it can help you.  A full assessment and consent is a vital step in the sedation dentistry process.

IV Sedation is helpful to patients who are nervous or apprehensive about dental procedures or who require complicated or lengthy treatments.  It can help massively with patients scared of dentistry and oral surgery or implant surgery.

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